Why Is a Nutritionist Talking About Gossip?!

My college roommate was a gossip. We shared an apartment for over a year, and she would sit down while I was at the kitchen table and give me the goods on everyone we both knew in school.

These sessions made me uncomfortable and unable to find value in friendships with any of the students she had targeted. I also felt depressed and alone.

Finally, I learned a valuable lesson: I didn’t have to listen!

You might wonder why it took me so long to learn that. But I didn’t really know who I was at that age and wasn’t sure how to avoid unwanted conversation.

I learned some other lessons, as well.

• Not to Trust Gossips

Whenever gossips are dishing the dirt on those who are not around, you can be sure they’ll do the same thing to you when your back is turned.

• Gossips are Defensive About Being Gossips

They’ll deny they’re gossips, regardless of how obvious it is.

They’ll justify gossip as “human nature.” (I’m human and don’t do it, so… )

They’ll claim they’re just “sharing information.” Right. I devised a test. If you were sharing information about someone, and that person walked in the room, would you keep “sharing” or shut up? If you’d have to stop talking, you were gossiping.

By contrast, imagine sharing, “Sue just had her baby!” and Sue walked in the room. You would never stop talking about that. In fact, you’d invite her to tell you all about the baby, how big she was, how Sue’s feeling, to show you pictures, and much more.

That’s sharing information.

• I Didn’t Inherit the Gossip Gene

Two genes tend to go hand in hand. One is the Nosy Gene. I don’t have that.

The other is the Gossip Gene. I don’t seem to have that one, either.

I respect these qualities in myself. I love the non-gossipy me and the non-nosy me. I don’t plan to change those qualities. And I seek and expect them in my friends.

I’ve turned not listening to gossip into a full-blown practice.

I’ve ignored it and let my mind drift to something more pleasant. When necessary, I’ve even said, “This is gossip,” and walked away.

Once I sat, without saying a word, on the other side of a roomful of gossiping women. I remember the moment they realized I wasn’t participating. The room fell silent. I felt good about myself and, oddly, even powerful.

What Does This Have to Do with Nutrition?

That non-gossipy quality forms the basis of my professionalism and confidentiality. It’s one of the many things that make me a good nutrition coach. Others have tried to coax me to talk about clients of mine that they know. Of course, I don’t, even if they’re family members. I strongly value my relationships with my clients far too much.

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Strong Bones: 5 Novel Foods for Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis: a silent stalker

Osteoporosis is a public health problem that affects about 54 million people. It’s a condition where the bones become thin and then weaken. It can occur anywhere in the skeletal system and it’s always silent in terms of symptoms. When a fracture occurs, it is often life altering because it is difficult to repair the extensive fracture. I can still remember my sharp and nimble 85-year-old grandfather stumbling on a hose and breaking his hip. He never came out of the surgery. Fortunately, a first line of defense is selecting foods for osteoporosis prevention. A diet with foods providing nutrients for bone strength starting early in life is key.

Foods for osteoporosis prevention

Choosing the right foods for osteoporosis prevention will provide the best nutrients for bone strength. Most people know the importance of enough calcium and vitamin D for strong bones. Furthermore, we know diets rich in bone building nutrients early in life allow for stronger bones later in life. We all start losing bone strength as we age. Think of your skeletal system as a calcium bank that you start withdrawing from around 40 years of age. For that reason, the more strength in your bones earlier in life, the better off you will be when old.

Top important nutrients for bone health are calcium and vitamin D along with vitamin K, C, and A. Some recent studies have pointed out some novel foods that could help prevent osteoporosis.

1. Dried plums (aka prunes)

According to researchers, prunes have a unique nutrient and dietary profile that seem to have a beneficial effect. A variety of phenolic compounds in this fruit may be the factor that helps prevent bone loss. As little as 6 prunes a day might be therapeutic.

2. Olives

It seems consumption of olives as well as olive oil improves bone health. The beneficial effect of olives and olive oil may be attributed to their ability to reduce inflammation. Human studies have revealed that daily consumption of olive oil could prevent the decline in bone density and improve bone turnover markers.

3. Fish

The Framingham Osteoporosis Study has shown that people who eat at least 3 weekly servings of fish gained hip bone mass density over 4 years compared to people with low to moderate fish consumption. The correlation is due to a number of dietary factors. Fish is high in protein and also omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to decrease inflammation.

4. Beer

Researchers have long known that silicon may contribute to bone mineralization. Silicon is available from drinking water and some foods. But, the silicon content of beer is relatively high. Researchers have noted that dietary silicon intake in men and women aged 30-87 years of age was correlated with a higher bone mineral density.

5. Wine

In particular, the Framingham Osteoporosis study identified red wine as particularly beneficial to bone in women. This led to the thinking that perhaps the resveratrol found in wine was the protective factor. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol abundant in wine, grapes, and some nuts. Researchers cautioned that moderation was key because excessive alcohol had a negative impact on bone density.

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Why You Should Begin a Passive Income Strategy

What is passive income? It is regularly received income a person gets with relatively little effort put forth to earn it. Many such strategies can be done from your home, or with only a little time spent away from home. Some industry pundits suggest it is actually “unearned income.” Persons involved in these types of income feel otherwise, they view it as a viable means of earning an income. This can go hand-and-hand with a passive investment strategy. This article will examine both, passive income and passive investing. This ought to be most enlightening, so keep reading.

There are already experts in the growing passive income craze. They have written articles and books on this genre of the business world. An example of a passive income opportunity includes generating leads for other businesses. It can be for smaller, newer businesses within your home town. Any business could use leads in order to grow. Many companies do not have the time or money to put into finding leads themselves and need other people to do it for them. That is where you can come in. If you are more tech-savvy in nature, you can also offer to create a niche website for them. Try this, see how well it can help them and yourself.

An offshoot of the above-noted passive income strategy is to focus on creating and running sales newsletters for other businesses. This will attract leads for your clients in addition to gaining notoriety for your own company. Work toward building a huge list of subscribers for each company’s newsletter. Offer ad space to vendors who could become affiliates of that company. Run frequent sales events and be sure to promote them. All of this can be done within the framework of a business newsletter for each company you work with, and from your own home.

Let us now move onto passive investment opportunities. There is a current school of thought that owning a passive income portfolio is a great idea. To go along with that, people are needed to provide dividend stock screening services. You could be such a person. You could do it for businesses or for private individuals. If you do not already know how to do these things, take some classes. Nowadays every type of class and certification is available online from a credible college. Look into this now, there is a definite future in it.

If you do not wish to become a stock screener, but simply want to invest your money in such a niche of the financial world, there are already firms set up that can assist you. A list of them can be found online, either in articles or book excerpts. Most of these will tell you where you can find the entire book, or at least related articles. You want to look for someone who knows what they are talking about. A great reference source, such as a book on passive income or investing, will utilize information from only reputable sources. For an example of a book like this, check the notes that go along with this article.

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